We have a complete line of indoor grow room supplies - Sohum Living Soils, Fox Farm Soil, and Black Gold soils, organic nutrients, coco coir and general hydroponic systems. Shop for Led Lighting, Dehumidifiers, Meters, organic teas and more! It's all here!

Hydro Systems

MegaGarden System


Nutrients & Additives

SugarDaddy, 4 L


Nutrients & Additives

Vegamatrix Starter Kit


Get ready for harvest season now. Search above, its all here! Extend that grow season with a durable grow tent. Big Bloom Fertilizers, Super Thrive, Trimmers, Plant Netting, Drying Nets, and Trim Bags. These are just few items to make that harvest a success. Can't find it? Give us a call at 361-426-5683.

Nutrients & Additives

Root Maker, 1 qt


Nutrients & Additives

SaferGro Fulmag, 1 pt


Growing Media

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