What to Expect When You Switch from Smoking to Vaping

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So, you’ve decided to switch from analog cigarettes to vaping? Congratulations! The decision you have made will eventually save you money in the long run and help to improve your health. While the road ahead may be difficult, you are doing a good thing for yourself.

A study released in August of 2015 by Public Health England concluded that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking traditional analog cigarettes. The same study also concluded that e-cigarettes and vape mods help former smokers to officially kick the habit. Nearly all of the current 2.6 million vapers in Great Britain are current or former smokers. Less than 1% were people or youths who had never smoked before, which might help to put to rest fears that vaping will induce those who have never smoked to take up the habit.

Another landmark study confirms that vaping may be healthier. The study took 181 current or former smokers and had them provide breath, urine, and saliva samples. In the former smokers who used vaping or other nicotine replacement therapy, researchers found significantly less harmful toxins, namely carcinogens, than they found in smokers.

There is evidence that portable vaporizers are healthier than joints. Why? It turns out that combustion itself is the culprit. Vaporizing as opposed to combustion actually might release more of the beneficial cannabinoids that many cannabis users want.

If you’ve made the decision to switch from smoking to vaping, your body and other things might start changing. There are a few things that you can expect when you make the change.

You Will Still Crave that Cigarette

For the first week or two after making the change, even if you choose an e-juice with nicotine, you will still have cravings. Nicotine is not the only addictive additive that cigarette companies put in their cigarettes. Having cravings is your body’s way of trying to get you to smoke.

 Your Lungs Will Feel Like They’re Rebelling

Smoking does a lot of damage to your lungs. Your bronchiole and your alveoli have basically been taking a tar bath for years. The moment you quit, your lungs begin a process of getting all the gunk out. This will mean coughing. Often. This will subside after a time, so stick to it. Increasing your water intake will help you to eliminate toxins and speed up the process.

Withdrawal Symptoms: Headaches and Shaking

Nicotine is absorbed differently via vaping than it is via smoking. There is also finding the right amount of nicotine percentage to use. Having headaches and shaking may occur if you have chosen to small or too large an amount. Take your time to discover your sweet spot and gradually decrease the amount of nicotine from there.

Oxygen Highs

When you were smoking, you had a decreased amount of oxygen circulating through your blood and reaching your brain and other parts of your body. Once you start vaping, the constriction of your blood vessels lessens and you begin getting more oxygen. This increased oxygen may cause you to have feelings of dizziness or lightheadedness. This is completely normal and will pass soon.

By making the decision to trade in that pack of cigarettes for your vape mod or vape pen, your sense of smell and taste will begin returning within just a few days. You will also begin feeling better within just a few weeks. If you’ve switched your usual bowls for dry herb vaporizers, you will start to notice that you will be experiencing fewer respiratory symptoms.

Perhaps the biggest change you will notice by quitting smoking and turning to vaping is that there is now more in your pocketbook. After the initial investment, you will start to save a lot of money by just buying vape juice and coils. When it comes to cannabis, you can save by getting the same effect using less product!


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