What’s your Vape Oil Mixed with and Why does it Matter?

Every cannabis user should know what they are vaping (or smoking) before they consume it. This short guide will help you understand what you can find out there in the cannabis oil and vaping markets so you can make an informed decision.

Cannabis oil

Cannabis oil or hash oil isn’t a true oil. It’s the extracted cannabinoids taken from a particular strain. It’s a sticky and thick substance. Cannabis oil is NOT cannabis mixed with vegetable oil or butter. This is sometimes called “edible cannabis oil.” Trying to vape this is quite dangerous to your health. Google “exogenous lipoid pneumonia” for more on this.

Depending on your vaporizer, you can use cannabis oil directly in it. For instance, the Volcano Vaporizer ships with liquid pads that allow you to vape cannabis oil directly. However, most portable vaporizers cannot handle cannabis oil and so the oil must be diluted.

Mixing your own E-juice

Mixing your own e-juice isn’t for beginners, but if you can do it right you can turn any strain of cannabis oil into a vapable product. First, you’ll need to mix a vaping base. E-juice is primarily made of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, or PG and VG. These are mixed in a blend, usually 70/30 either way or 50/50. Once you have your mix, you then add 5%-10% of hash oil to 95%-90% of your vaping base.

Next, you need to make sure your hash oil has been decarboxylated. This is done through heating the product. Depending on your concentrate, this may or may not have been done. The reason this needs to be done is that THC doesn’t become available to the body until it’s done. Vaporizers don’t get hot enough to make it happen. Google the term plus the type of concentrate you have for more information because the process differs depending on the product.

It’s best to start with a lower amount of hash oil. Hash oil is extremely thick and can gum up your screens quickly. Until you’ve tried it out in your vaporizer, stick with a lower amount of product in case it clogs. You may want to learn how to completely clean your unit before you start.

After you mix, shake the bottle thoroughly until the oil dissolves. This can take some time. Let it steep for a few days (or more) to let the flavor permeate through the e-juice and give it a try in your vape pen.

Terpene oils

Terpene oils are a new product that have come out on the market. Think of them as essential oils for cannabis. Terpenes are taste and aromatic compounds. Some manufacturers have learned how to isolate these compounds and concentrate them into an oil that can be blended for vaping. Like essential oils, some believe that certain terpenes have special effects on the body and mind. They are usually mixed with cannabis e-juice, not used on their own.

However, many of these terpenes are also found in other foods and substances. Most terpene oils are not cannabis-derived. Unlike cannabis, which has been used for millennia, these are substances we haven’t concentrated and used before. Therefore, vaper beware. We don’t know the long-term health effects.

Can you overdose on cannabis e-juice?

The short answer is no. The long answer is no, but you can make yourself so high that you feel uncomfortable with the experience. The amount of cannabinoids it would take to kill you far exceeds what any individual vaper, smoker, or edible consumer could take in. But some people don’t like the feelings that come with an extreme high and think they’ve overdosed.

It’s like the difference between getting buzzed, getting very drunk, and getting so drunk you pass out and have to get your stomach pumped. The last won’t happen with THC. However, while you are high there is the possibility that you do something dangerous, so make sure your setting is suitable to enjoy the full experience. Never take cannabis and drive!


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